EnvironmentalSW Advocacy

Environmental Social Work is Independently Run

Environmental Social Work LLC mission of interdisciplinary approaches to environmental justice is shared often interdependent of the organization and within the following roles held in the following areas by Gabrielle Conrad-Amlicke, CEO & Founder.

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NASW/CT Macro Social Workers Network Steering Committee

Apart of attending Steering Committee meeting for MMXX

EDRA51 Statement Learn More Here

The Environmental Design Research Association (EDRA)

Gabrielle Conrad-Amlicke, MSW recently submitted a full article to the EDRA52 conference.

Gabrielle Conrad-Amlicke, MSW was graphic logo designer for EDRA51: See more here

Produced a visual tool through independent volunteered research – the resulting ’taxonomy of EDRA/s body of knowledge was shared at EDRA50 Brooklyn

Envitalyfe Learn More Here


Guest speaking on Envitalyfe Podcast

Together the Founders are Working on resources for understanding Environmental Policy to promote interdisciplinary work on; environmental justice, voters rights, environmental education

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#MacroSW 9/10/2020 Environmental Social Work with Gabrielle Conrad-Amlicke

Welcome back. The fall 2020 chat season kicks off this Thursday at 9:00 PM ET. Our first chat will cover environmental social work with guest host Gabrielle Conrad-Amlicke, The Environmental Social Worker (@ecosocialwork_). 

Gabbi is the CMO with www.aqualumos.com which works on water remediation for PFAS.  She makes all the content and infographics in addition to developing policy briefs and making outreach materials and identifying target populations who are most vulnerable. 


Q1: what does Environmental or Green Social Work mean to you?

Q2: How have you incorporated Environmental Social Work in your practice? or learned/read about it’s application or theory?

Q3: Whats a recent environmental policy that social workers should know about and advocate for at a #macrosw level?

Q4: What questions do you have about environmental social work? Do you know how to get involved?


Eco Readers Club https://theenvironmentalsocialworker.blog/virtual-meetings/

The Environmental Workers resource page https://theenvironmentalsocialworker.blog/resources/

Sometimes we are products of environments we didnt create and oppressive systems keep us from ecological consciousness and claim the rights to health. Environmental Justice is Social Justice

Gabrielle Conrad-Amlicke, MSW, CEO & Founder

Let’s make change together.

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