Trauma, Environment, & Social Work

Respectively, Individuals must have access to safe spaces to navigate their natural environments. Due to elements of new technological advancements, adults and children are spending more time inside and less time outside. Maximise living space Therefore, built environments can also produce negative health risks when developers are not thinking about the effects of built spaces. InContinue reading “Trauma, Environment, & Social Work”

12/11/14 – Philosophy Final: Predetermined

2014 to 2020 Exploring my younger self Gabrielle Conrad-Amlicke written at Lesley University | Intro to philosophy: James Haag  Imagine if philosophy was concrete. Imagine if, the majority of people agreed with a certain philosopher, on his or her views, and these views became rules. Philosophy is formed from ideas, ideas attuned to defending all possibilities.Continue reading “12/11/14 – Philosophy Final: Predetermined”