Join the Center for International Social Work “Vieques Sweet Relief” Bake Sale

About the Fundraiser  Here’s an excerpt from our outreach emails “As you know Puerto Rico has not fully recovered from all the natural disasters- Hurricanes Irma & Maria and now daily earthquakes. The Center for International Social Work at UConn and UConn students ask for your support. We have a campaign called “Vieques Sweet Relief” toContinue reading “Join the Center for International Social Work “Vieques Sweet Relief” Bake Sale”

Social Justice Starts within Ourselves

When social work is integrated into the policy making is a process we must understand that the outcome of policy will always have negative consequences. The process of Social Justice starts with ourselves, “through a self-reflective process that examines the contradictions between our espoused values and our lived experience. We must believe that all people,Continue reading “Social Justice Starts within Ourselves”

The Nature of Silent-Welfare

Never have I ever ☝️👉 not found silence to be the most resourceful tool when met with disorder. Silence is an action & a weapon when not used appropriately as it likely causes an influx of unbalanced power dynamics. “The increase of disorder or entropy with time is one example of what is called anContinue reading “The Nature of Silent-Welfare”

12/11/14 – Philosophy Final: Predetermined

2014 to 2020 Exploring my younger self Gabrielle Conrad-Amlicke written at Lesley University | Intro to philosophy: James Haag  Imagine if philosophy was concrete. Imagine if, the majority of people agreed with a certain philosopher, on his or her views, and these views became rules. Philosophy is formed from ideas, ideas attuned to defending all possibilities.Continue reading “12/11/14 – Philosophy Final: Predetermined”

Research: Upcycling & the MMXX Collection

There is a need to address Trash. We make more then our county knows what to do with. It piles high. Trash is collected and hidden away from plain view, and yet, it piles high. In our water, in our bodies, in our ecosystems. I’d say that my way of helping to minimize my carbonContinue reading “Research: Upcycling & the MMXX Collection”