I say “distant but not alone” Class of 2020

The Many emotions of getting my tassels in the mail  

I say “distant but not alone” • I have been designing a lot through the hurt that all this has caused. I feel #humbled and #scared • Not everything is black and white but right now attempting to color this sorrow is an act which promotes the thought that we should downplay. 

I never took well to the whole commentary which goes alone the lines of “someone is suffering more” though this is true I ask then what is mindfulness. Being present patient and still with your emotions, notice them. It’s in the silence that you find comfort because the second we put words to emotions we distort them. 

I love languages but some things are better left without #cognitive distortion. 


I share, it makes me vulnerable, but I also know maybe someone will be inspired to write a better one 

This is by me @the_environmentalsocialworker or AKA @_g.francis – 

If you frame life right now from a biological standpoint everyone is adapting. 
Sustainability is the reciprocal process of that which is sustained. 
We could not sustain post-viral pandemic
Policy play a role to prevent and save the population
We obey
Thus, the market will also adapt.

A new beginning is before us. The premodern feedback loop has been broken. Entropy of the premodern was imposed upon causing the human race to do as it does in any ecological system: adapt.

The fragility of our essence is brought to light. Survival of the fittest is brought into context here with full compassion. Nature is not beautiful or a force which is predictable. Feedback loops are causal only through the ability to conceptually frame the variables.

Biologists forfronted this through extensive field processing of habitats and life sustained through the given environment.

The current state of affairs contradicts that which was natural law. The natural world is law-less. This is a critical period. 

Published by Gabrielle Francis Conrad-Amlicke, MSW

Advocate for Environmental Social Work & CEO Founder Environmental Social Work LLC

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