About the Fundraiser

 Here’s an excerpt from our outreach emails “As you know Puerto Rico has not fully recovered from all the natural disasters- Hurricanes Irma & Maria and now daily earthquakes. The Center for International Social Work at UConn and UConn students ask for your support. We have a campaign called “Vieques Sweet Relief” to raise some funds. Many of us know the historical and political importance of Vieques, the little sister island, in Puerto Rico. According to McCaffrey, a Vieques scholar, Viques is “true crossroads of human history, Vieques has been a stepping stone for ancient peoples traveling from South America to Mesoamerica, and European conquerors in the Western Hemisphere. It has been home to pirates and cane workers, enslaved Africans and Taino chieftains.” The Center for International Social Work at UConn and UConn student body stand in solitary with Vieques to preserve and protect the archives and historic legacy of the island. During the natural disasters, the Archivo Histórico de Vieques Historical Archive (AHV) – an independent entity housed in the Fortín Conde de Mirasol – has had serious structural damage. Currently, it houses fragile records from the island’s 19th-century founding, oral history interviews photographs from military maneuvers in the 1940s and 1950s, and many hours of VHS tape that provide a remarkable primary source record of the protest movement from 1999-2003. All of these records are extremely vulnerable and efforts are underway to digitize the Archive. Please help us in this “Vieques Sweet Relief” to contribute to this restorative function. With your help, the Fortin can purchase the equipment necessary to systematically digitize the collection over the coming months, starting with the analog videotape collection. Your contribution will help keep the legacy of this small island alive!  Please stand in solidarity with The Center for International Social Work at UConn and our UConn student body and Vieques!” (Medina, 2020)

Donations can be made as follows:

· Check- Make check out to : Incubadora Microemoresa Bieke, INC

Note on the check (VHA). This refers to (Vieques Historical Archive)

·         Cash at the event tomorrow

·         Venmo  using the code below


QUESTIONS: please contact gabrielle.conrad-amlicke@uconn.edu & Sarah.e.smith@uconn.edu

Posted by:Gabrielle Francis Conrad-Amlicke, MSW @the_environmentalsocialworker

An attunement to social welfare focuses on the intersectionality of policies, gender, environmental, and systems. Critical thinker who can support programing project development and mass media/communication needs on local and global scales. Designing, analyze, and implement solutions grounded in evidence while considering client systems and structural dimensions and potential outcomes. My advocacy work transcends

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