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The Relevance of Innovation | Ceditability of Problem Solving for Social Workers at Mezzo & Macro Levels

Social Workers solve problems as do many other professions. Collaboration between professionals in this day and age is necessary to address environmental changes occurring at this moment. To collaborate, Social Workers must go beyond our historic and formalized path. Rationally speaking, this seems obvious.

Yet, I am met with so many dificulties as I approach next steps in reguards to my career paths.

I wonder if other MSW’s or Social Workers not on a clinical path are experiencing the same as I engage with content from various sources, I see the connection between the Social Work methodology. Yet, Language is often symbolic of credibility the person holds, usually a degree.

When you start to understand global inequality at the local level, it changes how you think about interventions.

If the goal is for low-income countries to close the gap with high-income countries, then the average is all that matters. Many governments and development organizations have concentrated on reaching those who are easiest to reach. As a result, life typically gets better for the best-off first, and then, gradually, for everyone else. Eventually, over the course of decades or centuries, the poorest mostly catch up” 

FROM: We Need a More Targeted Approach to Combatting Global Inequality

This quote struck me because of the integration of the word “intervention” – interventions are distinctive of social workers working with individuals, but when we cross over to a mezzo/macro use- this is the same as program analysis and development. The development of interventions to solve a solution for a given population. Does my degree hold the same power as I apply for positions which outline these needs? Or is the content of my resume questioned merely because at face value people stereotype “Masters of Social Work” as a variable of someone’s intellectual knowledge which has credibility through clinical work?

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